Death at the Dog Show- A Love Story is now on Amazon at – A novella costing 1.99 to download. Paperback aslo available.




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The third book in the Garden sries with characters Chess Beckett, Spinningdale Clashmore and the Pointer Dannyboy is now at Amazon   There will be a fourth- Francesca’s Garden in a few month’s time.


witchcover     My latest- a chidrens’ book about a Gprdon Setter- called ‘Easy peasy lemon squeezy Fairy Flannel Feet’ available at Visit Ebookromances BOOKCOVER Janetta’s Garden available at artcoverIf you enjoy a love story there are three short ones available to download at excerpt “Trust Acky to know when there was food on the go.” He grumbled to himself and moved the boiling water off the heat to go to the door. He opened the door and started “You always know when—-” And then stopped short. Instead of a grinning bloke in designer tee and well worn jeans there was a young woman. She had masses of tumbling dark blonde hair that was all over the place and covered most of her face. There was a holdall on the ground at the side and she clutched in her arms a small terrier that peered out at him through a whiskery gingery face. She looked like a modern day Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. The girl’s clothes moved so he assumed the dog was wagging it’s tail somewhere underneath. “Oh” She uttered “Is Marie here please?” “I’m sorry.” Mason replied. “They’ve gone to Italy. I’m the house sitter.” “Oh” She said again and stopped. “I, I’ll just have to go then.” She half turned to pick up the holdall and brushed at her cheek. The dog wiggled. Mason stepped outside. “Look. Is something wrong? Can I help instead of Marie?” He saw a tear at the corner of her eye. “Come inside.” He said and picked up the holdall. “Come inside till you sort out what to do.” She turned. “Are you sure?” “Of course I am. Does the dog like cats?” “Oh yes.” She said and half a smile crossed her face. “He knows Ginger.” She put the dog down and it came to Mason and scrabbled front paws on his knees. Mason took the bag inside and the dog and girl followed. He shut the door. “Right sit down and I’ll make a — Oh Lord- the pasta.” And he dashed to the kitchen. He just caught the sauce in time and moved it off the heat, put the water back on the heat and poked his head back around the door. “There  is enough for two if you can face my cooking.” He invited and was rewarded with the full smile that transformed her face into something wonderful. Mason felt his inside do a little twist. She said that she was starving and would love some. He put the pasta into the sauce and used tongs to mix it and then plate it onto two dishes. They sat on the two sofas balancing plates on their knees. “It’s just cheese. onion and tomato.” Mason apologised. “But wonderful.” the girl said through the pasta. “I really was starving thanks.” “I’m Mason, by the way.” He said and she stopped eating. ———————————————————————————————————– I also ghost write for other people and write articles for websites ————————————————————————————————————————————–

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Spinner’s Garden- the second book of the series, set in Northumberland, is available for download at Amazon- The dog on the front cover is out wonderful Briar – held in partnership with Eileen Hill. I do hope anyone who is kind enough to download enjoys the read. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   The first book begins


“What we like here are the open moors and

lochs. The wild and mysterious landscape that is

littered with ruined crofts and huge stones that have

stood for centuries. Don’t we boy?” Chess, short for

Francesca-,Beckett looked down at the Pointer by

her side, nose already twitching and raring to go. If

you were a town person, or even townie dog, you

might find the wide and wildness of it a bit

frightening she thought and there is certainly an air

of the past that seems to be always there in the

present but the dogs all find the space amazing and

search for birds to send up squawking into the sky.

They are not supposed to do that but it is great fun.

This is The Patterned Land or The Flow Country

and the heather, reeds, peat and grasses do make a

wonderful tapestry that stretches away in the

distance. Chess squared her shoulders, felt for the

whistle always around her neck on a pink ribbon,

“Nothing wrong with a bit of femininity” she mused

and looked at the four dogs all set for their run.

“Come on then guys. Let’s go.” They were up and

away and racing into the wind before the words

were out of her mouth. She smiled indulgently at

them and set off on a slow walk in the same

direction as the careering canines. This is my poster for local shops booknotice My first attempt at a book is published on Amazon and called Janetta’s Garden. People have been very generous in their comments- thanks to all of those. Inspired by my young Pointer boy Dannyboy I hope I wrote  a story of interest to dog lovers and garden lovers that was easy to read. It is set in the far north of Scotland midst the open moors and tumbledown crofts. I learnt an enormous amount by writing so the second one in the trilogy, called Spinner’s Garden, should be better crafted and more complicated but still inspired by the dogs and my love of gardening. Janetta’s Garden is available to download or buy as a paperback here BOOKCOVER   Amazon give a free Kindle app to enable you to read books on your laptop of tablet. They also give you the option of reading some of the work before you buy.