Our newest offer- A one page website directed specifically at your business in your local area and only £35 complete for one year- no strings- no extras- just see how many more enquiries you receive. For instance   ‘piano teachers in morpeth’   ‘chiropracters in Hexham’   ‘plumbers in Wick’  ,fishing tackle in Caithness.’ or ‘training kennels in Gandow’ (Germany) It could be tattoo artists in Whitley Bay or in fact whatever your interests are and wherever you are. You have access to the site to update information or add special offers and pictures. Sample below. One site itself can be seen at  or another at beaglesample ALWAYS HAPPY TO CHAT- ADVICE IS FREEPay with Paypal by the subscribe button below
If you would like a website at VERY reasobable rates please      feel free to get in touch. Advice is free.I can make you a website like this one for £100 which includes the hosting for one year. If you choose to look after it yourself and make your own updates the hosting after that is £30 a year.If you would like me to maintain it for you it will be £100 each year which includes the hosting fee.Domain names- eg  cost about £12 for two years for names and I can purchase them for you.Some websites I make and maintain

Enquiries Sheila 01593 721303 or 07517 873318