Lybster is to be famous this next two weeks as episodes of The Crown are to be filmed in the harbour.  Apparently, we are standing in for The Falklands. All normal boats have to be removed and nobody is allowed in the area.


I have another site for my bits and pieces and experiments- lamps, books, pictures etc



Thanks to Becky for this lovely reminder of Suzy’s son and Daisymae’s grandson- brother to our Ghillie. 




So proud of Daisymae’s grandson — Ir Ch & Lux Ch Wansleydale Woodpecker at Berrywood winning 1st Champion Dog, Green Star, CACIB and Best of Breed under Mr P Iversen (Norway). Later on he was placed Fourth in the Group under Ms P Blay (UK)



Had some lovely photos of Dolly from Margaret. Cannot believe that Poppy’s puppies are seven years old— THEY ARE PARSONS SO STILL NAUGHTY SOMETIMES.!!





Been playing myself with an old chair. Sewed ribbons onto cushion and tried to tie  a bow- one ribbon missing- round the lounge in the mouth of a Norwich Terrier- I think maybe the cushion will be too attractive to the dogs. Might end up on a high shelf !!




Don’t you just love the oldies? Had two lovely pictures from Katharine of Ralph on his 12th birthday. He was Christie’s son and had his litter brother with him until lasy year. He now has   Teddy to keep him company- Susie’s son but can’t manage the long walks any more. Thanks Katharine- lovely pics.

ralph1 ralph2


Two beautiful pictures of Duncan with Silvia at the show yesterday. Will update results tomorrow.

duncan-stand duncanhead


Daisymae is delighted that grandson Robin has done so well- Robin (Ch Wansleydale Woodpecker at Berrywood CW 15 CJW 15 An Ch 14) was awarded Green Star Dog and BOB at Clomnel Championship Show! He then was shortlisted to the final 6 in the Group.




Settusfree is a charity that helps English Setters across Europe. They do wonderful work and their website is at

So proud of Duncan— and Silvia!!!!

duncan BIS coll800


Had some lovely comments from people about the new bedtime stories- thanks everyone


Just wonderful to think that Heather and Corrie are great grandparents


Heather and Corrie



Thanks for this lovely picture of Cleo in the blubells. This Heather daughter lives in Castle Douglas with Tim and Edith .



So proud of Zest and her wins- Pam writes-

Fermoy International Show Zest (Somerled Classic Romance at Raigmore) won the Open Class, Reserve Green Star and the Reserve CACIB in a quality entry.


Lovely picture of the gorgeous Flint relaxing i the spring sunshine- tt’s a dog’s life !! Thanks Judy xx


Back to real winter 27/4/16


bentglin bentleysnow

realwintersagin sheridansnow



My daughter has just bought a new arrival- a Sussex Spaniel called Billy- Meggamooch Tinker Tailor- what a cutie.



Silvia writes–Somerled Macallan – Trueman coming out to shows again after 15 month – won his class with Exc1 and his first AnwVDH

Thank you Laura for the lovely shots you did for us.
Trueman is full brother to BIS winner of today Misty
(breeding : Boyers Strauss x Munroc Flying High Over Somerled)
What a wonderful day for Silvia, Anja and the dogs- Treman won his class and gained a first point for his German Champion after being at home for 14 months. Avie was Reserve CAC and only beaten by BOB who was Misty– WHO WENT ON TO BIS at Leverkusen. How fantastic.
April 2nd. Because we live at the top of the country – just below John O Groats- the delivery times are usually abysmal. In fact some firms won’t deliver here even though we are in UK mainland. I ordered shampoo and conditioner from Katherines Botanicals yesterday afternoon and it arrived today. Hampshire to Caithness- you could not be further apart and still be in the UK. Cannot believe it but have used it already and it was lovely. In fact it has been a beautiful sunny day. The dogs were sunbathing on the decking. Some days things are just fine. Now I have to get back to the writing for a client in USA.
April Fool’s Day- had a trip to Wick to pick up Pom Bears- I know they will come on Tesco’s order tomorrow but I think they put something in them to make them addictive. Ate a packet whilst still in the car. Went to get a blade for the saw that cuts metal but had no luck so had to buy a wood trim for the door step that I will be able to cut. Bought a ‘cheap’ pack of paintbrushes because when I gloss paint, I throw away the brush. Cannot be doing with white spirit and stuff- Then went next door into Poundland and got three for a pound. Resisted the urge to buy plants and had a quick look in The Edinburgh Woollen Mill. They are closing down and the sale says everything must go but the prices were still the same as always. Guess all of the stock will just move to anther store. Dogs were pleased to see me back and are all now fed and quiet again so a coffee and the computer is my treat for a few minutes. Green double hellebores are out in the garden and Primula dendiculata.
31/3/16  DIY continues apace. Have moved on to mending the back door, putting some cladding on the walls and decorating. To get my breath back I sit and do the writing job- thank goodness there is something I can do that does not include moving around. I write for an online gardening magazine   which is well worth a quick look and they also have a food online magazine with great recipe and tip ideas at I have finished my latest crop of children’s stories for a client in London and my other ghost writing work is ongoing. I keep thanking my lucky stars for the internet. — And for a talented daughter- she makes jewellery at and sent me some bracelets in black agate, hematite and multi coloured semi precious stones. Good to feel feminine and shed the DIY image. I also have a watch from Tesco. It’s pretty but slips down the arm so I had to add a scrunchie to keep it in place. Still the scrunchie looks quite good as well – silver lining.
29th March 2016 This time of the year is always a pleasure because all of the good weather, gardening weather and anything else you want to do weather is ahead- well unless you want to go snow boarding or something. The dogs can get out for more running and do not come in covered in mud. The new shoots spring forth from the ground and fair weather gardeners like me come out of the woodwork.
Other stuff starts to grab your attention as well and I have laid my fair isle knitting to one side and decided to try laminating floors by myself. Well there were sales at the DIY stores, the whitewashed planking look really appealed to me and I made a stab at the kitchen floor. Light grey was a bit of a daft choice with the dogs but I liked it and it took me about half of the room to work out how to do it. So it was not perfect but I was quite pleased with the result, painted the walls and had some packs left over- the hallway beckoned. Changed the whitewashed look for rustic oak and started on the 24 square yards of hallway. Painted the walls and did the floor in three days- now I was feeling really confident. It looks good but still needs the edges finishing. I have to admit I am knackered. Arms, wrists, legs and back all hurt a lot but back to the other job.
It’s good for your mind to have lots to think about and I am writing for a new gardening magazine on the web-  Thank goodness that is a job as well as the ghost writing that I can do sitting down.
Now I am considering hanging the internal doors when I have recovered- wish me luck with that one !!!
So proud that Duncan- Somerled Glen Rex at Munroc has become a Polish Champion- subject to the Polish KC approval.
Lovely picture from Ireland of Roxy and Sacha- Lacey and Luca’s daughters and sisters to Dannyboy- they have a new friend- a Bassett Hound.
FullSizeRender (4)
I just love this picture from Judy of Flint- Daisymae’s son- clever girl- maybe a whole new career here !!!
What a great start to 2016 for Duncan and Misty- Misty first time in open class at Essen and she was excellent first and the bitch CAC plus BOS.
Was excellent first and one more point towards his German Champion.
Somerled Islay Mist
Somerled Glen Rex at Munroc
Christmas pictures from Dolly- Harris’ sister. Thanks Margaret She is a sweetie.
Lovely Christmas picture from Judy Marshall and family- elf ears on the dogs !!!
Had a lovely visit yesterday to Irene and Sandy. Harris’pups were sooo gorgeous.
FIRSTGIRL - Copy pups1 pups3 pups4 pups5 SECONDGIRL - Copy
What a fabulous year Devon has had. At her final outing of the year, at the All Ireland Bull Breeds Association All Breeds ch sh Devon won the  Green Star and Res Best of Breed. Thanks to judge Mrs O.Cathy. This is Devon’s last show of the year. Msrtin says many thanks for all the best wishes and most of all to Eileen Hill her breeder and Sue and Tom for there continued support .
More Harris babes
Another pic of two of the babes
Harris’ babies- the bitches
 Congratulations to Shadow’s granddaughter
Avie– Munroc Honkey Tonk Girl and her owner handler Anja
Success for Avie at the JUSH fall junior hunting trial with duck retrieve from water held today at Landesgruppe Westfalen Ruhr
You go girls – so proud of you


Silvia had  2 good days at the International Shows in Dortmund – coming home with

Some pleasing results

BUNDESSIEGER 2015  – Oct 15th

Champ class –     Patrick  AMCh,CIE,DtCh,CHPL Munroc Expatriate  Exc4

Open class   –      Duncan Somerled Glen Rex at Munroc                        Exc1 and 2 tickets towards German Ch

Intermediate –   Misty DtJuCh Somerled Islay Mist                                 Exc1 and as well 2 tickets for German Ch

HERBSTSIEGER 2015 – Oct 16th

Patrick       Exc2

Duncan    Exc2

Misty – won her class again with Exc1 and another Ticket

Misty has now already with 22 month 6 tickets for the German Ch unfortunately we have to wait till second half of

March 2016 to finish her – waiting time in Germany fm first to last counting 5th ticket is 1 year and 1 day.

You have to be 15 month to get your first ticket.








More pictures of Harris and Flo babies

babes babes002


So proud of our Harris who has become a dad with the lovely Flo- Plunkett Chloe O’Brian

harrispups harrispups002



Just to add Devon’s record of wins because it reads so well- Sue Brophy writes

She has 12 Green Stars, 2 CACIBS, Group placings – 3rd in group under Marianne Gyarfas (Hungary) at Newtonards Ch Show in 2014 and 3rd in group under Heather Timmins in August 2015 at the BRGCCI Gundog group Ch show.

Qualified for her show gundog working cert. at Irish Pointer Club Open (confined) field trial under judges Mr Christy Davitt and Mr V Flannelly 2nd October 2015 (subject to IKC confirmation).

Clever girl xx



Fabulous news from Ireland as Martin Falsey writes—- This is Devon Irish Sh Ch Somerled Glendevin who today got her field Qualification at the Open Pointer Stake 50 Anniversary Field Trial thanks to the judges Mr V Flannelly and Mr Christy Davitt many thanks also to her breeder Mrs Eileen Hill Somerled Gundogs grateful appreciation to Tom Brophy and Sue Brophy for all there support Devon is owned in partnership with Sue Brophy and Martin Falsey sub I k C Devon will be known as Irish Ch / Sh Ch Somerled Glendevin delighted with Devons success  —- he is the daughter of Heather (Munroc Flying High over Somerled ) and Staffa (Sh Ch Inkersall Alauda at Clohass.)



Very proud of Canonsett Jack of Diamonds- now a catwalk model- Has a great life with Joan, Alan and two ES pals



Lovely win for Anja and Misty- she writes-

CAC Köln-Königsforst
Judge: Catherine Pil (BE)

DtJuCh Somerled Islay Mist

Ex1, Best Bitch (CAC) and finally BOB!

Thank you Dagmar Hermes for the photo!

anjamisty anjamisty002


Young Devon has again done well in Ireland- Martin writes-

Today at the
Last day of the circuit Irish sh ch Somerled Glendevin wins green star best of breed and group 3 many thanks to Mrs Heather Timmins breed judge and group judge and thanks for all the lovely comments from other exhibitors— this is Devon’s 12th green star



Martin Falsey gave us this news about Devon- After a month out of the show ring Irish sh ch Somerled Glendevin wins ch class green star bitch and best of breed at Limerick ch sh many thanks to judge MR Ronny Blomme from Belgium owned in partnership with Sue Brophy thanks also to her breeder Eileen Hill somerled Gundogs– well done Devon- lovely win



Olivia writes on FB about the wonderful day they had Coleraine—

What a day to remember at Coleraine All Breed Championship Show!! Firstly, our Setter Robin, won another Green Star and RBOB. This means that at this stage in the year, Robin is still Number 1 English Setter in Ireland! Thank you to judge Stephanie Walsh and all the other judges who recognised Robin’s quality throughout the year.
Next up in Havanese, Foxie delighted us all by winning 1st Exc Open Bitch and then taking her final Green Star to become an Irish Champion (subject to IKC ratification)!!
But star of the day has to be our baby boy, Maro, who at his very first show here in Ireland one 1st Exc Junior Dog, Junior CAC, Green Star Dog (CAC) and then pipped Foxie to the post to win Best of Breed!!
Thanks to my mother, Olive Plunkett Carty for helping handle Foxie so well in the challange!
Thank you to our judge, Group 9 Specialist Mr K Stevenson (UK) for not only thinking so highly of Foxie and Maro today, but also for the kind and gentle manner in which he went over the dogs, and of course thanks to the other six judges who appreciated Foxie along the way to her becoming an Irish Champion! Thanks also to Peter and Dorothee Dombrowski for allowing Maro come to live with us here in Ireland. We cannot express our appreciation enough for this wonderful, happy boy!
Congratulations to the committee of the Coleraine Show on their first Championship Show, it is a show that we will not forget in a hurry!

11218701_999488670081453_3770260705791062849_n 11822744_999487920081528_4625788066745089730_n (2)

ON THE SAME DAY ROBIN’S DAD- PUDSEY=- WON THE OPEN CLASS AT BOURNEMOUTH AND WAS RB DOG Judge was Karen Stirk – Congratulations to Mike Shadwell and Pudsey

pudseyjudge pudseybench

Watch out for the new children’s story book starring the Havanese and this time including Maro- what a little star.


Silvia writes  Spent a great day with Misty and Duncan at the Belgian Gordon Setter Club show
Thanks to the setter specialist judge
Mrs Alenka Pokorn / SLO and the organizing commettee
Duncan Exc3 in open class
Misty winning BOS best Bitch CAC following her exc1 out of intermediate class

Well done the team

belg002 belg600

Delighted to say that Pudsey- Canonsett Grin n Bear It- gained his stud book number at Paignton Championship Show under judge Keith Young. Beaten into third place by very good company – the dog CC and RCC. Then back home to his best pal Teddy.

pudsey600 teddy


Ginger coming in from teasing the dogs to ask for just one more pouch !!!



Pam Tibbs writes ‘

Well what a lovely day at Leeds Championship Show! Baby Buzz (Fydal Beeswing at Raigmore) won a naughty 2nd in Minor Puppy but the star today was Zest (Somerled Classic Romance at Raigmore) who won her third RCC! Thanks to judge Ruth Francis and congratulations to all the other winners!’ So proud of Zest.

Julie sent me photos of Mollie and her new pal Amber. Two girls enjoying life together.

molliepond molliesofa

Had lovely photos from Anita of Sapphire (Suzy’s daughter) and her best pal Daisy retriever. Best wishes to Daisy after her recent operation.

daisyretriever sapphirehead

The Hosta fortune I have had since 1966 has produced a wild orchid from my garden in Northumberland – where I haven’t lived since 2007 !!


My little auricular seedlings look quite sweet and in my potting up everything I managed to get Hosta Wide Brim and Hosta Golden Tiara into the same pot – duh. Notice there are dog hairs even on the seedlings.

auriculaseedligs widebrimtiaasamepot





Woody- Somerled Glen Urquart – has taken to agility- I am soo impressed.



Somerled Glendevin won her ninth green star and RBOB at Swords show in Ireland. Congratulations to Martin Falsey and Sue Brophy. We are so proud of her. Judge was Mr Vitor Veiga

At the same show  Wansleydale Woodpecker at Berrywood- Robin- was also Green Star and RBOB and Georgie the Havanese won the Green Star and BOB- what a great day.


Pots are starting to fill up now- we are sooo behind everyone else up here. This shot June 14th.


Flint Marshall has his slippers waiting after a hard day out and about- good shot, Ben. Bet he gets breakfast in bed as well !!!



Had this gorgeous picture of the three girls in the Smart family. Taken at North Riding Gundog Club. Isla- Gordon Setter= is sister to Devon, Duncan, Kilda, Bentley, Jessie, Ray, Woody and Millie. She is Somerled Glen Isla and these pups were the Heather x Staffa litter. Thank you Diane.


Lovely to hear from Margaret with some photos from Dolly’s fifth birthday. What a smart girl.




Delighted to see Woody- Somerled Glen Urquart- had a good day at Border Counties Gundog- Lesley writes

We had a lovely trip down to Carlisle today for Border Counties gundog show . Woody did me proud coming first in graduate and then being Best opposite sex . Thanks to our Judge David Alcorn ✮

He was only beaten by Cooper who was third to Best in Show for Connie- well done the Gordon Setters.

Woody’s rosettes



Thrilled to say that Eileen went to The Gordon Setter Club of Scotland Championship Show yesterday 2/5/15 with Liric Liquid Gold at Somerled . He was awarded first in Undergraduate Dog, the Dog CC (subject to KC confirmation)and Reserve Best in Show under judge Ciceley Robertshaw. He was just two years old last week.



Robin did it again today at English Setter Club of Ireland he won Exc 1st Champion Dog, Green Star Dog, CAC and Reserve Best in Show!! Not bad for a 19 month old baby



1st in Open Dog, Green Star Dog (CAC) and Best of Breed under Mrs B Stenmark (USA)!! What a clever boy he is!! V Well done to Robin and Brendan yesterday.




Lovely picture of Somerled Glendevin who now has 7 Green Stars.


Again on Easter Sunday Robin- Wansleydale Woodpecker at Berrywood was a star- Olivia writes

Just home from the Combined Canine Club National Show, where we got Best of Breed in both Breeds! Our young English Setter our Robin winning Intermediate Dog Exc 1, Green Star Dog (CAC) and Best of Breed. Many thanks to Setter Specialist Trudy Walsh for these awards! In Havanese, Lesa‘s Jiggy performed very well, being awarded Very Promising and winning his class. But the star again was our Georgie who delighted us by winning Open Bitch Exc 1, Green Star Bitch (CAC) and Best of Breed under Mr K. Lee (Australia). Georgie then went on to be short-listed again in the final 8 of a very strong Group 9! That’s two short-lists in two days! What a super weekend for our youngsters! Thanks to group judge Mr W Blount!


Sister to Duncan and Kilda below is Devon who has done so well in Ireland- Martin Falsey writes of the show on Easter day-

Today at Combined Canine Club all breed championship show Somerled Glendevin won her 7th green star this gives her Devon her Champion title subject to IKC. Grateful appreciation to judge Eddie Patterson international championship judge . Devon IS owned in partnership with Sue Brophy many thanks to her breeder Eileen Hill Somerled thanks.


Elke and Kilda spent Easter with Gordon friends and Kilda met her litter brother Duncan who is all the way over in Germany from his home in USA. What a picture they make.



Olivia writes from Ireland– Had an amazing day at the Combined Canine Club All Breed International Championship Show where in English Setters, Robin was awarded Exc 1 Junior Dog and Green Star Dog, CAC and Reserve BOB!! But the star of the day was our beautiful Georgie, who won Exc 1 Open Bitch, Green Star Bitch, CAC, CACIB and Best of Breed under Dr E Kupliauskas (Russia). Georgie then delighted us by being shortlisted to the final eight in a very strong Group 9, under Mr Anthony Kelly!! —



Had some lovely pictures of Canonsett Midnight Blues form Emma and family. He is the son of Lali and Upperwood Summer Escapade. Amazingly aged seven next week. Thanks Emma.

midblue1 midblue002 midblue003 midblue004


Sadly Glen went over the Rainbow Bridge through the night- held in Anja’s arms. He was such a lovely dog and I have sweet memories of him running with the others over the beach here and across the moorlands. RIP Sweet Boy

Glen 27.03

Thanks Judy for a sweet picture of Flint relaxing after his deer chasing expedition- what a villain- and he has a leopard skin fleece to relax on !!!!


This is Tiffiny- daughter of Caillie and Bracken and just turned one year old


Could not resist this fabulous photo of Kilda- daughter of Heather and Staffa- she lives in luxury with Elke who takes wonderful photos.



How wonderful -Brendan Carty and Robin- Wansleydale Woodpecker at Berrywood– Olivia writes
Subject to IKC approval, Robin will now be know as Ch Wansleydale Woodpecker at Berrywood Jun Ch Celtic Junior Winner 2015 Celtic Winner 2015- Granny Daisymae sends him hugs and kisses.


At the same show Andrea Akkad writes —Georgie has had a great day at the Celtic Winner Show in Dublin today, winning BOB, CACIB, Celtic Winner title, and, most importantly, the crowning Green Star. Subject to ratification by the Irish Kennel Club, she is now Irish Champion.
Many thanks to Olive and Olivia Carty for the wonderful care they continue to take of Coco’s baby girl. heart emoticon
Daddy Marzi can add another Champion offspring to his collection.  Well done all.


This is the link to the Havanese judging video that Valerie Knight has compiled. Thanks Valerie- it’s like being there.


So pleased to see Lewis- Canonsett Highland Mist flying the flag for Canonsett at Crufts. He was fifth in a post grad class of 20 and third in Good Citizen- Well done Beryl.


Well done Anja, Silvia and Misty at Crufts 2015- third place in a big class


Olive and Brendan Carty had a good day yesterday- Brendan with a Havanese !!!- after he went Group 3 with Robin

Olive Carty writes—  Just home from a lovely day at The Rough Collie Club of Ireland Open Show
where Robin won B.O.B.and 3rd the the group.
Many thanks to our judge Mrs A. Brisco.
In Havanese Foxie won B.O.B. and Georgie was 2nd in open bitch class .
Thank’s to our judge Mr.A.Finaly.
Foxie had a new handler today , and I must say Brendan done a great job.
I can see a bright future for him in group 9.!!


So proud of Trueman and Misty

ju ch750

Lovely to see Willow’s success- well done Anja and Rhonda


Woody- son of Heather and Staffa- had a good day at Catrine Show- First in Postgrad and BOB- Judge was Jane Cuthbertson- Lannireach. Well done Lesley.



Great results from USA — Silvia writes

It was a good weekend for our team in Atlanta, finishing Willow on Saturday followed by Vito (pending AKC confirmation)
AmCh, ItCh, Crufts BOB 2012 Ludstar Don Corleone
he went BOW all 4 days at the Atlanta shows. Boy I look forward to see you in May.
Exiting last day – Willow’s little daughter Cameron 6 month got ResBitch (subject to AKC approval)


Anja welcomes home Willow– now an American Champion (Subject to AKC approval)


Our very good friend Nicky Shadwell passed away at the end of 2014 and her husband has decided to keep Pudsey going to shows. He went to Midland English Setter Champ Show on Sunday and was third in  Mid Limit- handled by Jane Tucker- many thanks Jane- keep up the good work.


Well done for being Best of Breed at Tay Valley Gundog- and shortlisted in the cut for Best in Show.


Great to hear from Anja that Munroc Celtic Willow has become an American Champion.- details to follow.

Lovely to have a phone call from Anita last week and true to her word she has sent some photos. Below is Sapphire and Daisy relaxing on the sofa. Sapphire is a Suzy daughter. That means Daisymae is her granny and that makes her half cousin to Robin below.



Wansleydale Woodpecker at Berrywood Jun Ch winning BOB and Group 2 at the Bulldog Open Show today and winning 2nd in AV Group 7 & 8 a the Shih Tzu Limit Show today.



This is Tosh. He is available to a good home. He’s a 14 month old orange belton male. He has a lovely nature, a real softy who loves human companionship and could live happily with other dogs. He is exceptionally well bred and we would want £795 for him. Contact Sharon on 01283 533086 or e-mail at




We had a lot of lovely photos from the Clarke family who have litter brothers from Tyler and Francesca- the two boys are sooo like their mum and dad. Happy New Year Spencer and Chester xx

.spenches spenches002 spenches003


What a fantastic day for the Carty’s at Dublin Dog Show- Olive writes –  an amazing day at the Dublin Dog Show Society Championship Show where Robin won Green Star Dog and Best of Breed in English Setters! In Havanese, we did the Double, Georgie winning Open Bitch and Reserve Green Star, Foxie winning Green Star Bitch and reserve BOB, also taking her final point towards her Junior Championship Title, and Castro winning Green Star Dog and Best of Breed. We also finished a fantastic year in style with Annual Champions in BOTH BREEDS! This makes Robin the Number 1 English Setter and Castro the Number 1 Havanese in Ireland!! Many thanks to our judges today (Mrs C Alford (Havanese) and Mr S Cummings (English Setters)



Happy birthday to the ‘whisky’ litter born 11/12/13- thanks to Silvia for the picture- Macallan in the photo.


So pleased to hear that Daisymae’s grandson was BOB and Gundog Group 3 yesterday. Olivia writes

Just home from a fantastic day out at the Combined Canine Club Christmas Show where Castro stole the show by winning 1st in the Champion Stakes!!! Robin won Best of Breed and Group 3, Foxie also won Best of Breed and Group 3 and Georgie won Reserve Best of Breed! Myself and my mum entered the ladies handling for fun and I won 1st in the Ladies Handling and my mum got third!!! Phew, what a day!!!!




So pleased to hear from Anja that Misty and Trueman- children of Heather and Boyer’s Strauss both gained their final ticket to become German Junior Champions yesterday (6/12/14) Both were awarded exc 1 at the Kessel CAC. Misty was Best Junior as well. Judge was Karin Voye.


Lovely to hear from Beryl as the two boys- Floyd and Lewis- have new addition to play with- little Hattie. Pictures below.




Daisymae’s grandson, Wansleydale Woodpecker at Berrywood Jun Ch (Robin) wins 1st Junior Dog, Excellent, Green Star Dog (CAC) and Best of Breed. Robin then went on to be shortlisted to the final 6 in the Group!! The Carty family also went on  In Havanese,  Foxie Lady by Labayamesa (Foxie) won 1st Junior, Excellent, Green Star Bitch (CAC) and Best of Breed- excellent day.




More news from Silvia






So proud of Devon   – Martin Falsey writes- Somerled Glen Devin owned by Martin Falsey and Sue Brophy Bred by Eileen Hill of the Somerled Gundogs we are delighted with Devon’s achievements with 6 green stars and a group 3 placement and she is only 2 years and 6 months- sister to Duncan below and half sister to Trueman below that. We love to hear all the news.



Lovely to see Duncan
– Somerled Glen Rex At Munroc behaving so well in junior handling for Julia Lohmann



Well done young Trueman and Silvia at CACIB Hannover
Exc1 and dt jun Ch jun BOB



I am putting on pictures of handmade patchwork dog quilts to see what people think. This one is a prototype Christmas one. Size is about 4 feet by 3 feet and 5 inch squares. Would appreciate any feedback and interest. xmas1 xmas3 xmas4 This is one the dogs and I share and is a full size quilt made entirely from bits and bobs except for the padding inside.- Heather modelling heatheronquilt quilt1 =======================================

Susie Hood and Stanley- Somerled Sundance Guy gained Reserve Best Dog at English Setter of Scotland Open Show and Susie also received this lovely picture of his dad- the handsome Archer

archer stanley


What lovely news from Ireland . Young Devon is doing really well- daughter of Heather and Staffa. At the Irish Gun Dog Field Society Group Championship Show Sat 25th Devon (Somerled Glen Devin ) Devon wins her 6th Green star and Best of Breed — judge Mr Hochstenback. Devon is owned by Martin Falsey and Sue Brophy.     Well done to Brendan with Robin — Irish Gundog Group 7 & 8 Championship Show Robin ( Wansleydale Woodpecker at Berrywood ( Junior Champion ) won Green Star Dog (.CAC) and Res B.O.B. judge Mr.Hochstenbach for this award . robin     Had some lovely pictures of Molly and Rosie from Julie Allison.  Little Rosie is all grown up now. Many thanks Julie. mollierosie2 mollierosie003 mollierosie004   Well done to Kara with Teasel- 1st Minor Puppy Bitch at Northern Parson Russell Championship Show teasel       Anja and Misty were at the International Dogshow Dortmund (Herbstsieger-Show) 19/10/14Somerled Islay Mist: Ex 1 AnwDtJuCh and Herbstjugendsieger…. so only one ticket for the German Youth Champion…not bad for only 10 month Judge: M. O`Gorman. A lovely write up from the judge as well. anjamiasty2 anjamiasty004 writeup

I just adore these Havanese- Foxie and Castro

foxie and castro

Lovely to have some pictures of little Tabby- daughter of Caillie and Bracken who lives in Edinburgh- what a sweetie – thanks Karen and family


Duncan- son of Heather and Staffa is in Germany with Silvia to have some time in the show ring. He has done well for the Setanta kennel in America where he lives.


Heather pleased to sample the new patchwork quilt- completed in one week- back to the writing now.


quilt1 quilt3

Lovely to hear from Joan and Alan Dale and see a picture of the handsome Oscar- Canonsett Jack of Diamonds. Hard to believe he is six.


Ginger enjoying the autumn sunshine

gingeroct141 gingeroct142

Little Teasel- first show at Selkirk and Best Special Puppy in Show. Well done Kara


Judy Marshall sent me two lovely photos from a quite remote beach in Yorkshire where at the same time that she parked the car another car came with two English Setters. Small world. It was a friend of mine in the dog world. One of the photos are Judy’s dogs with Anne’s two English and the other is Flint- labelled Baywatch Blue.

flint flint002

Had a lovely walk in the forest today but it was very misty, quiet and mysterious. Mist even on the cobwebs. Dogs loved it. The fourth dot in the distance is Sheridan- always the furthest away!! We went to vote beforehand on this referendum day 18/9/14


 septwalk3 septwalk6 septwalk7


Anja and Misty- Somerled Islay Mist- had a lovely weekend- Anja writes

CAC Schaafheim (Germany) Somerled Islay Mist: exc 1 (first jun ticket for German Jun Champ), LJS, BOB Junior and Best Junior in Show Proud of this little girl — A great set of rosettes Anja- well done


Silvia writes after showing at  Rostock yesterday

And here the news fm CACIB Rostock Trueman Somerled Macallan exc1 first jun ticket for german jun ch BOB junior and 1st in junior group 7 My guest madame DroDro Dromoise des Pralines d’aubejoux exc1 anwVDH, CACIB Thanks for lovely 2 days in Rostock to the organizer and the judge of my kids and the judges I worked for.


At Darlington Champ Show  Robin, Wansleydale Woodpecker at Berrywood Jun Ch won his junior class and Georgie, Georgie Girl by Labayamesa Jun Ch got 3rd in her junior class! This means that they are both now qualified for Crufts 2015,  Well done the Carty team.

Well done Anja and Misty at Luxembourg yesterday – Best Puppy


Great picture of Millie in Minnesota- she is working towards her senior hunting certificate. Daughter of Heather and Staffa. Thanks Jim and Kris


Lovely result for Martin Falsey and Sue Brophy with Devon- her 5th Green Star from 6 shows at Thurles Show yesterday- 24th Aug- and RBOB . Heather’s children are all doing so well.


Well done to Silvia and Anja at SKC with Trueman first in Puppy Dog and Misty second in Puppy Bitch.

Half brother Woody was second in Post Grad- his first jump up to the big boy classes. Good result Lesley.

Had a lovely picture from last week of Martin showing young Devon- sweet girl and doing so well.



Well done again team Berrywood. How do you keep doing it? Robin is now Junior Champion (subject to IKC confirmation) and has eight green stars for when he is old enough to claim the champion title.


What a great run the Carty’s are having. At Killarney show they did it again and Robin got the Dog CC and BOB

The whole Carty team had another good day at the start of the circuit yesterday Robin won his Junior class. Looks like a lovely day as well.


Two gorgeous photos on Facebook- one of Emmy-great shot Rita and one of Isla- beautifully posed. She must be the photographed Gordon in Caithness David.

emmy isla

We voted for young Teasel in the online competition.  She is Bracken and Caillie’s daughter. Had her first little trim and looks smart.


Young Dexter went out for his first big proper run with the older dogs yesterday and they had a great time in Rumster Forest. Video at and at

August and heather is out- great view across the forest and we ended up with  aTurkish Delight ice cream sitting at Lybster harbour- blue sea and calm for once.



Lovely shot of young Trueman on the move at National Gundog


This young Trueman son of Heather and Rhum

trueman   Andrew Baudain writes from Jersey An excellent day at the KCJ Summer Championship Show yesterday with my: beautiful homebred Labrador Retriever Beauvoir Bed of Roses winning BOB & Gundog Group 2 & the Jersey RCC; youngster Sandylands Feel Free for Beauvoir winning his Limit class & the AV Novice Gundog class; and the amazing English Setter Canonsett Deja Vu at Beauvoir winning Gundog Group 4. Many thanks to Sue Curwood & Sam Kezourec for their assistance in the ring too Well done guys ===================================== The Carty family are having some wonderful results- yesterday as follows- well done all. What a day!!!! At the Bichon Breeds Club of Ireland, we DID THE DOUBLE!! Georgie won her 6th Green Star and Castro won Green Star Dog and Best of Breed. Then he delighted us by winning BEST IN SHOW!!!! Many thanks to Bichon Breeds Specialist Ms D Casey for thinking so highly of our dogs. Then, at Dun Laoighaire Champ Show Robin, Wansleydale Woodpecker at Berrywood won his 6th Green Star and Best of Breed under English Setter Specialist Aidan McKiernan! In Havanese, Georgie won her Junior Class and Heidi won her Intermediate Class and Reserve Green Star Bitch. Castro won Champion Dog, Green Star Dog and Reserve Best of Breed carty002


News from Silvia about young Ray who lives with Beate in Austria- she writes

Duke 12 years (Szach Bronks, Son of George x  Sonia) and Ray 2 years (Somerled Glen Affric, son of Staffa x Heather) joining their Mum hunting for deer. Chat last days we got told Ray is becoming the same reliable retriever out of water as is Duke.  


This is the handsome Woody- son of Heather and Staffa- couldn’t resist this headshot.  Thanks Lesley


Well done to Floyd- Canonsett Fallin in Love. He was First in Open at Hampshire Gundog yesterday and young Lewis obtained his Bronze Good Citizen. Thanks for the news Beryl.

Trueman and Misty- son and daughter of Heather and Rhum- are starting to grow up- sweeties- thanks Anja


Had some lovely photos from Northumberland of Sherlock and his best pal Ziggy- enjoying a life of luxury. Sherlock is brother to Floyd whose photo is a little way down the page. Daisymae is proud of her children and grandchildren. Thanks Gillian



Lovely photo of young Robin- Wansleydale Woodpecker at Berrywood- he is growing up and looking great- thanks Olive, Olivia and Aiden


His granny is still looking good at age eight- Daisyme- Canonsett All About Eve


Beautiful photo of Kilda- couldn’t resist Elke


News from Beryl that Lewis won a first in Yearling at the SESS open show yesterday and a second in Novice. He has only just gone into Yearling and is now out of Novice altogether.  Floyd WAS VHC in Post Grad, Well done boys



The Carty family did it again for the second day running and Robin got his fifth green star- well done.



Well done to the Carty family at Irish Ladies Ch Sh, where Robin, Wansleydale Woodpecker at Berrywood won Green Star Dog and Best of Breed! In Havanese, Georgie Girl by LaBayamesa won her Puppy Class and Reserve Green Star and Heidi, Blevwil Destiny’s Child at Berrywood Jr Ch won Green Star Bitch and Reserve Best of Breed with Castro, Ch Blevwil Cast a Glimpse at Berrywood CW 14 Jr Ch winning Green Star Dog and Best of Breed!!


A few shots of young Tiffiny- full of energy and mischief !!

tiffflowerwniff tiffharris tiffjumpbarrel tiffplaybarrel tiffstandbarrel

Somerled Islay Mist (Rhum x Heather) Best puppy in show today ar cac detmold Judges Mr W. Eickert and Mr J Wegner– well done girls


We had a pleasant day at Caithness Canine Club Open Show 5/7/14 and Suzy was English Setter BOB, Shannon (Somerled Classic Lace) at her first show was Pointer BOB and young Ilkie (Ilkie des Very Important Parsons at Somerled IMP FR) the Parson Russell Terrier at her first show and aged only seven months was First in her class, BOB and Best Terrier Puppy. Her rosettes are below. Thanks Anais for a really lovely little girl.


Thanks to Edith and Tim for this picture of Cleo- sister to our Dexter and Trueman, Misty, Archie and Isla


Our lovely Arran- Rossenarra Kudos at Somerled (IMP) Still handsome at 12 years old


What a fantastic result for Pam Tibbs and young Somerled Classic Romance at Raigmore- her first RCC  and beaten only by her half sister Fydal Ava – Gilly-who gained the BCC for Anne Smith .



The Berrywoods had a good day again with young Robin gaining another green star and the Havanese doing the same.


Lovely photo of both Robin and Devon at Kilkenny Champ Show Both BOB

robindevon What a lovely day for Silvia  and Dromoise at Stettin show.  Super to win this title. Silvia writes– what a lovely day in Stettin – thanks to the judge Malgorzata Wieremiejczk-Wierzcowsko for all the kind words on Dromoise Happy I was able to get the chance to take her out and finish – pending FCI confirmation : C.I.B. the so famous title only for dogs with proofed working certificates. 2012 fall was HER year in the trials. Back in the shows now : CIB, CHCS, Trialer, Dromoise des Pralines d’Aubejoux, breeder and owner : Madame Christine Versavau dromoise More news from the Kilkenny show  where Olive Plunkett Carty says the Havanese had a great day. Heidi winning another Junior Class (just two more and she has her junior title) and Georgie winning her Puppy Class and then going on to win Green Star Bitch and Best of Breed. And not to be outdone, our English Setter, Robin, won his Puppy Class, and also went on to win Green Star Dog and Best of Breed! Judges were Toy Specialist, Maureen Blount and Mr D Harris .  What a great day. =================================================== Another great day for Somerled Glendevon at Kilkenny all breed ch sh Devon wins her 4th green star in a row plus Best of Breed Matin Falsey says  many thanks to breed judge Mr Dominic Harris for thinking so highly of Devon— what a little star

Delighted for Sue Brophy and Martin Falsey as Devon gained her third green star at Swords show yesterday -21/6/14. Devon is daughter of Heather and Staffa.